The climb on z100


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hey everyone! As in my title im quitting forever! Cord’s chat is stupid and so are these stupid little blogs! Im goign to have a really wedsite soon called, and it will be better than this cruddy stuff. And to make sure u understand me, i hate yes, ms.tennisball(aka tennis freak) and everyone else who has a blog or goes on chat. But i do like blueofcourse and cmervos and shiver. they are the only nice ones. Good Bye1 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GSD time again

Hey yal! As you r wondering wat is a gsd? the gsd is the games sports dance at my school. Its really fun. And the second one is coming up and im mondo excited! CAUSE ITS 2 DAYS B4 MY BDAY!!!! i no one of my buds is goin to give me a gift. . . . . but its a secret but its excitting! i think i know wat it is but idk if im right. anyway, if u lived in my town u could come. . . . . but no one but blueofcourse and cmervos live in my town and go to my school. anyway, its the best dance ever!. . . . . . just til prom comes around. 🙂                                


                            The rocken hippie

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Ask Dr.Mimi

Hello. Today i have an important question to answer. It is from blueofcousre.  (i know blue in real life) Blue asks: What am i goin to do about king of the lollipos and magical conrad? ( these two nicknames for boys at school) Ok. Blue, if you like both of them then which one do you like the most? If you really like both of them then it just might be crushes and not true love. If you feel a connection between you and one of the boys then he just might be your true love or soul mate. But, i would think you have a bigger chance with the king of lollipops then magical conrad cause king of the king of the lollipops doesnt have a lot of girls running around him. And magical conrad does. So just go with the guy you trust the most ok. Good. Well thats it for this segment of Ask Dr.Mimi. Bye Bye!

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The Awesome Show

Mimi: Hey party people!!! Welcome to the first Awesome show.  its based off the Cmervos and Mimi Show but its completely different. And now as our first guest on th Awesome Show is…….. Cmervos of course!! Come on down vos!

Cmervos: Hey mimi! its great to be here today.

Mimi: Good. Now our segment for today is jobs. Cmervos, what do you want as a job when you grow up?


Mimi: Ok?……..

Cmervos: ***turns into a gorilla***

Mimi: Ummm…. Cmervos, are you ok?…

Cmervos: ***Foams and jumps out window***

Mimi: IM SCARED!!!!!*** runs under table***

Cmervos:***Jumps back in windowq with a guitar and smashes it. The has one half of the guitar in one hand and the other half in the other.***    “I HAVE RABIES!!!!!!!!!!”


Cmervos:***Runs in circles, screaming, foaming, and a piece of a buring guitar in each hand***

Mimi: Well that raps up the show! See you next week! PEACE OUT!!

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Ask Dr.Mimi

Hello bloggers. Im Dr.Mimi. I can help any problem you have. Just leave a comment of a problem and i’ll try to fix it. And i will put it on my next , Ask Dr.Mimi, show. Thanks!!!

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Love Sucks

Hye party pplz!!! Just as my title says, Love Sucks. IDK wta to do!!! Im in true love!! And I have no chance with the guy i like cause he is two years older than me. Im goin crazy, right? Im happy to see you agree. Anyway, any yal need any help with crushs,or girlfriends/boyfriends just come to me i’ll help you. Just leave comments for help ok. GTG. TTYL

                            – Peace!

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Guitar Lessons

Hey party pplz! Yeah yeah. im going to have guitar lesson. But, theres a prob. Well…. Not a big prob, but. . . . me and my father were talking and he knows i have a crush on this guy at school and he plays guitar. He’s an expert!!!! And my father said that maybe he could teach me! And i told my friend, and she knows him. So she told my she was going to ask him. AND SHE DID!!!!!!! And guess what he said . . . . .  YES!!!!!! But, your probially wondering what the big deal is. Im scared! So IDK what to do. So comment and tell me what i should do.

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Bye Bye Birdie

hey ppl sorry i havent posted but heres a new one. There was a play at my school called bye bye birdie. It awesome. Not just because the guy i like was conrad birdie, I had a main part!!!! and thats wicked awesome. i got to show off my talent for the firsrt time. also, cmervos was in the play to. Even though she didnt get a main part she was awesome! Anyway, im goin to post more. ttyl party pplz!   


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hi pplz!!!

Hi im mimi. I want to tell u i am happy with all the comments. Sorry i havenot changed my blog i will right now. RIGHT NOW!NO NOW!! NO RIGHT NOW! NO NO NO RIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTT NOW! OK BYE!

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